ERKAN AFFAN | اركان عفان


Pogo Bar presents “Kanak 4 Life” — Die Kunste Werke Berlin

Berlin, 2019 ︎

What does it mean to be an emerging artist/activist navigating the music scenes in Germany and abroad? What particular experiences can we attest to femmes of color navigating these scenes and spaces? Meg10 chairs a discussion with Ebow on being a womxn in the music industry, and the influence of their Turkish*/ Kurdish heritage on their careers and their activism.

Ebow is a rapper from Munich who currently resides in Vienna, and is an artist championing diversity, feminism and anti-racism in her music. Meg10 is a DJ and political educator from Berlin. She started the event series Hoe_mies together with Lúcia Lu to create a space in the male dominated Hip Hop scene that focuses on femxle, non-binary, and trans artists and DJs.

The event is curated by Erkan Affan and Léon Kruijswijk”. Poster designed by Opashona Ghosh, edited by Luca Barbieri

The Pogo Bar is located in the basement of KW and reintroduces the format of the bar of the same name that existed there in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since the beginning of 2017, the bar has a weekly program and provides space for performances, readings, interventions, film screenings, and conversations. The program is curated by Kathrin Bentele and Cathrin Mayer (and Maurin Dietrich until July 2019), Assistant Curators at KW. At irregular intervals, the Lichtspiele series—focusing on the notion of the moving image—takes place and is curated by Mason Leaver-Yap, Associate curator at KW.