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NOON — be’kech x KnD

Berlin, 2019 ︎

“Noon Festival was the first of its kind in Germany. Taking place over two weeks in Wedding, it centred queer, of colour and Muslim identity through a variety of different events with artists and activists workng to secure a more diverse and inclusive society. Coinciding both with the Holy Month of Ramadan and Queer History Month, Noon Festival raised a four-figure sum for the Masjid al-Rabia's Black and Pink Crescent: providing spiritual support and advocacy to incarcerated queer and trans Muslims. The events were completely free to attend and open to all, with donations  strongly recommended.

On Being Queer and Turkish - Talk and Spoken Word | 15th May 2019

An evening of two talks and a spoken word performance that link the mediums of photography, performance and academia together to centre Turkish* and Queer* identity.

Kübra Varol (Cupid) is a non-binary trans person of colour performing as Cupid. They utilize dance, music, text, spoken word, drag and comedy in their performances which they see as a way to heal and encourage healing. Performing is a way they confront their deepest fears and through vulnerability, radical honesty and openness to failure, they intend to empower themselves and the audience. Ceren Saner is 1991 Istanbul born, now Berlin based self-taught visual artist Ceren Saner describes her approach as private documentary as her works are predominantly autobiographical. Since November 2016, she is based in Berlin and has been on tour (#isntitlovethetour) around Germany and Europe, giving lecture performances with her artworks centering upon perspectives on the intersection of art, queer scene, LGBTIQ+ movement and activism in Turkey.

For her talk at be'kech, Ceren presents 'isn't it Love?' - entitled after one of her photography series. She will speak about her approach to art, both documentary and empathetic. Drawing on her artworks and experiences, Ceren Saner is giving a personal report on both the queer scene and the LGBTIQ*-movement experiencing many setbacks due to current political developments within Turkey while also being subjected to intimidation and oppression”

Vogue Berlin - Film Screening & Talk | 16th May 2019

Screening: Paris is Burning (1990) is a documentary by Jennie Livingston that focuses on the queer, trans* black & latinx community living in New York city - it draws attention to ballroom culture, the competitiveness of different houses, and the issues facing young queer and trans folks of colour in the late-20th century USA · DISCUSSION · Almost thirty years down the line, what are the changes to the ballroom community and how has it become internationalised in places such as Berlin (and Europe more widely)?. Are there any negatives/positives about Paris is Burning that need to be discussed and re-contextualised? What is the future of the ballroom community in Berlin? These are all topics that will be discussed by our wonderfully talented speakers below, providing some insight into how the ballroom community exists today.

Talk with House of Melody - founded in 2012 by Mother Leo Melody and is the first German House. The active and creative works of HOM gained them notoriety and a reputation as a pioneering force of Voguing/Ballroom within Germany. Through regular classes, workshops, balls and festivals organised by HOM with invited international guests, they provide essential knowledge in order to be able to understand the complex structure of ballroom culture.

Ariclenes Garcia (aka Arigato Melody):"I have had a couple of years of experience in different kinds of dance and art forms. I think that I can express myself through dance in a good way and that I can show other people how to express themselves through dance. I am in The House of Melody and I have also my own dance project called FutureV where I teach queer refugees & friends voguing and how to express themselves. From the Future V crew I have also created my own kiki house named 'Kiki House of Arise'". Get to know.

Jan Nwattu (aka Eros Melody)was born 1997 in Minden, Germany. He is experienced as theater educator and studied media- and theaterscience the last years in Bochum, Germany. He just moved to Berlin and is making his first experiences in the ballroom scene.

Christopher Jon Munchakoopas (aka Christopher Melody)is queer, poc, British, born and raised in Switzerland. Studied Psychology in England. Moved to Berlin to become a dancer. Active member of House of Melody, first german Ballroom house, teaching classes, giving workshops, promoting black queer culture around Europe”.

Hamza Allali präsentieren Ramadan & Kiez Iftar | 17th May 2019

Im Mai 2019 beginnt der Fastenmonat Ramadan, aber warum und wie fasten Muslime eigentlich? Den ganzen Tag nichts essen und auch nicht trinken? Wie (über)leben Muslime diese Zeit? Und was essen sie zum Fastenbrechen?

ÜBER · Wir möchten gemeinsam mit Muslim*innen, Nicht-Muslim*innen, Fastenden und nicht-Fastenden, Nachbar*innen und Freund*innen einen Abend lang die Seele baumeln lassen bei gutem Essen, schönen Worten und noch schönerer Musik. Der Abend beinhaltet: Einleitung in den Ramadan + gemeinsames Fastenbrechen + Poesie +Live Konzert mit Faleh Khaless (Marokko/ Tunesien) + gemeinsames Gebet, Q&A uvm. Lasst uns gemeinsam die spirituelle Zeit des Fastens kennenlernen und genießen.

Poster designed by Alexis Jang

Queeristan - Drag Show and Party | 18 May 2019

Drag Show & Dance Party: join us for a night of queer* performers and new citizens from Serbia, Libya, Greece, Syria, Malaysia, and Turkey, hosted by Prense Emrah and the House of Oriental! Expect nothing but hot vibes, gorgeous outfits, lots of red lipstick and summer love.

Intersectionality in Queer Spaces: Which Way Forward? | 19th May 2019

Berlin occupies the reputation of being a city with some of the ‘best parties in the world’, having something to do almost every day/night. But increasingly activists have been asking the question: who do these parties cater to the most? Which communities are they at the expense of? With many instances of parties and venues instituting policies that exclude queer, trans* people of colour, Berlin has a long way to go before it can truly call itself a ‘queer haven’. There are, however, a number of queer artists and activists of colour who are taking the scene by storm and pushing for better representation. This event aims to provide a space for some of these activists to talk about their work in the present, and how we can work towards achieving a collective empowerment for our community in the future.

Adrian Blount is a movement and theatre artist based in Berlin. They hold a BA in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University and have worked in performance art mediums all over the world. Amongst theatre, they have taught anti racist and collective healing workshops with the f_antifa Kongress and Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, co created the theatre collective- Blackism, performed at beloved Berlin theaters including Volksbühne, Künste-Werke Biennale, Sophiensaele, English Theatre Berlin, and Saavy Contemporary. Adrian also founded the drag/performance art collective House of Living Colors and recently joined the No Shade Collective for womxn*/trans/non binary djs. Additionally, they’ve spoken on panels for Dice Festival and the Neues Deutches Congress. Adrian’s performance work is focused in non western/pre colonial ritual, intersectionality and activism.

Folly Ghost is a transmasculine DJ born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and now based in Berlin. His main commitment as a DJ is to make booties shake and provide a mood where the celebration of different bodies and cultures are both possible and delightful. He believes that providing safer spaces are key for making the crowd feel comfortable enough to express themselves to the fullest. Folly Ghost is a member of the No Shade collective and is very keen on engaging in projects that help the QTBPOC community to be better represented.

Joe von Hutch is an American lawyer and journalist living in Berlin. He is the founder of Hutchinson Legal PLLC, a civil rights law firm located in New York, as well as the first Political and Social Editor for DADDY Magazine Berlin and the new Film and Brandenburg Editor for SIEGESSÄULE. He regularly performs stand-up comedy in English about being Black and gay in an interracial relationship”.

Xeno Rafael is a member of New World Dysorder Berlin, a queer collective of diverse creatures who produce and curate experimental events and nightlife soirees, who co-organize a monthly party for the queer and trans community with a focus on highlighting underrepresented artists. In addition to his creative work he is also a fierce transformative justice accomplice and collaborator with initiatives that engage conversation around nightlife politics, clubbing, and the trans liberation movement.

Sailesh Naidu has learned to channel their ADHD in to many fruitful pots with not enough hands. As the founder of Shakti Creative Solutions he works with international organisations to help them understand how to work with youth, migrants, and those who are excluded because of gender and sexuality primarily in crisis and post-crisis settings. A former German Chancellors Fellow they now live in Berlin creating as a writer for DADDY Magazine as well as a comedian and spoken word artist. They have headlined at the Brooklyn Queer Comedy Festival, ISSA Comedy Show here in Berlin and have performed their poetry internationally across Europe and India. They have also recently learned how to nap”